Tangled Gardens: Pipes Puzzle

If you fond of challenging puzzle games, this one is certainly for you! Tangled Gardens is a fast and easy to play maze game. Stretch your mind as you solve dozens of intricate maze puzzles. Win fascinating logic battles online.

Our journey lies through the underground mazes of beautiful gardens. Have you ever wondered how deep and tangled roots run below the surface? A new puzzle game Tangled Gardens presents a unique opportunity to steep in to the unseen world of flowers. Plan your root network so that flowers may revive. You'll face different types of soil with incredibly tangled plant roots and a wide range of flowers. Develop your strategic abilities: the longer the line, the more points you get. Improve your planning and reaction skills as you solve puzzles in the shortest possible time. Complete the level faster than your opponent and get a bonus score. You'll find out that botany may be fun and extremely addictive.

- Free multiplayer mode
- Combine logic and clever strategy
- 30 gripping levels
- Enjoy colorful graphics
- Unlockable content